Investico is an independent, non- profit platform for thorough and structural investigative journalism

About Investico:

Investico is an independent non-profit organization for investigative journalism. Investico strengthens the rule of law by informing the public with thorough news and research stories.

Investico offers a counterbalance to the short breath and incident focus that often dominate the social debate. We call public administration to account and expose abuses that are kept consciously or unconsciously out of the public eye.

Investico is an independent non-profit foundation, started in 2014. Thanks to our donors, we are not dependent on shareholders, advertisers, 'clicks' or ratings, the fuss of the day or political interests.

Investico editors are given time to work on an investigation for months. Investments are being made in their data journalism skills, allowing them to search deeper.

Investico collaborates annually with more than 25 media partners, regional, national and international, written media and radio and TV. This way we share the costs and reach as many people as possible for the greatest possible impact.

Investico believes investigative journalism is a public good. We make our research method and results available free of charge to other researchers, journalists, scientists and policy makers. On this website we share our research with extensive source references and accountability documents in which we explain how we worked.

To strengthen confidence in journalism, Investico uses a radically transparent method. Our research can be verified based on sources, notes and accountability documents. We provide insight into the codes and data journalism tools used. In our podcast Speurwerk we explain how our journalistic choices are made.

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