Investico is committed to in-depth investigative journalism. Investico wants to help clarify complex realities and provides a counterbalance in a time in which a focus on incidents and sensationalism in the political erode the rule of law and democratic institutions.

The board of the foundation consists of: Renee Jones-Bos (chairman), Hans Laroes, Xandra Schutte (secretary), Aege Steensma (treasurer) and Mir Wermuth. The board is unpaid.

Investico works with an independent editorial team of investigative journalists. The editors work on a freelance, per-project basis and are paid by the foundation. Since 2021, Thomas Muntz is Investico’s Editor-in-Chief as well as the main instructor of the Masterclass in investigative journalism.

Investico has a diversity policy. Dutch investigative journalism needs talent from all part of society and different cultural backgrounds. Especially job candidates and candidates for the Masterclass with a bi-cultural background are encouraged to apply.

Investico’s origins can be traced back to the earlier Masterclass in investigative journalism that was set up in 2011 by Dutch weekly De Groene Amsterdammer and investigative journalist Marcel Metze. In 2014, this initiative was transferred to independent foundation De Onderzoeksredactie and grew into proper editorial team. In 2016, the name Investico was adopted. In addition to De Groene Amsterdammer, daily newspapers FD and Trouw also became regular media partners. Not long after, the investigative radio program Argos, the investigative news program Nieuwsuur and an ever-growing group of ad hoc media partners were added to the list.


In their cooperation with Investico, our media partners provide their own editorial staff free of charge and also pay a financial compensation for the articles or items they publish or broadcast. Due to the exceptional amounts of time required for in-depth journalism however, the costs for our investigations are much higher than our media partners can afford, even when taking into account all the advantages of our cooperative model. This means that Investico is to a large extent dependent on donations.

We are therefore very grateful for the support of our regular donors: since 2014, Adessium Foundation supports our work within the context of their public interest program. Addessium is committed to strengthen democratic societies, where the public availability of independent and factual information safeguards the public interest and stimulates integrity. Other donors offering long-term institutional support to Investico for the same reasons are Stichting De Versterking and Stichting 1877.

Other important donors are: Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek, which has granted Investico a subsidy for, among other things, the expansion into regional investigative journalism. The Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten regularly contributes to various projects. These and other donations do not affect Investico’s independent editorial decisions.

In addition, we are very thankful for those readers and followers of our work who decide to support our organization. Would you also like to contribute to our investigative journalism? Click here.

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